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Primare R15 - Gramofonski predojačevalnik

Novo Primare R15

Primare R15 - Gramofonski predojačevalnik


Odličen MM / MC gramofonski predojačevalnik priznanega švedskega proizvajalca. Elegantna oblika, majhne dimenzije in kakovostni materiali.


"What is really impressive, however, is the lack of distortion and the resulting wide and at the same time contour-sharp spatial reproduction of the device: every mixing console track, every percussion or piano sprinkle, the small individual reverb spaces that occasionally envelop voices and instruments - all this gets and retains its fixed place. This creates a clear, confident order to the sound, from which even cheap pickups benefit enormously."
Mint, Germany, May 2021

"I listened to this phono preamp with great interest and I must say I was impressed. The high level of construction and, above all, its performance would suggest a much higher price than the one thousand euros required to own it. Over the years I have had several phono preamps and, especially at the beginning of my audio adventure, my gripe was that I could not afford the expense necessary to purchase a suitable phono. If there had been the Primare R15, I would have solved the problem."
Audio Review, Italy, September 2020

"The first impression is that the musical balance is perfectly maintained, the instruments sound natural, with a rich spectrum, and nothing is "overheated" - neither the midrange nor the top … There are many more technical aspects, but the result is the same, rich and lively sound both in MM and MC modes."
Salon Audio Video, Russia, November 2020

"The R15 masters the art of combining transparency with tonal cohesion, which makes a significant contribution to the sophisticated aura exuded by the pleasantly discreet Primare, whose equally unaffected and stylish design found an equivalent in the sound. The R15 performs beyond its price range and was also not overwhelmed by high-quality pickups - regardless of the type. So, the supposedly simple Primare turned out to be quite moving in the end. Price / Performance - Outstanding."
Stereo, Germany, August 2020

"But the R15 enchanted us. It was warm, soulful, quick, brilliant - the best of both worlds. By the standards one would have our best list quite double for that quality. Therefore, a highlight and a loud one. Buy recommendation."
Stereoplay, Germany, February 2020


Osnovne tehnične specifikacije:
- Vhodi: 2 x RCA.
- Izhodi: 2 x RCA.
- Ojačenje (@ 1 kHz):
      MM RCA: 40 / 45 dB;
      MC RCA: 60 / 65 dB.
- Impedanca vhoda:
      MM: 2,5 / 47 kΩ;
      MC: 30 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 200 / 500 Ω.
- Kapacitivnost vhoda:
      MM: 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 pF;
      MC: 100 pF / 1 nF.
- Ločenost kanalov (@ 1 kHz):
      MM: 80 dB;
      MC: 77 dB.
- THD + N (20 Hz - 20 kHz):
      MM: <0,02 %;
      MC: <0,03 %.
- S/N (@ 1 kHz):
      MM: 83 dB;
      MC: 74 dB.
- Filter nizkih ('subsonic') frekvenc:
      -3 dB / 12 Hz, 12 dB / oktavo.
- RIAA korekcija:
      ±0,2 dB.
- Poraba el. energije: <20 W.
- Poraba el. energije v stanju pripravljenosti: <0,5 W.
- Dimenzije (Š x G x V): 350 x 313 x 73 mm.
- Masa: 6,5 kg.

Uradna spletna stran proizvoda.

Garancijska doba: 24 mesecev.

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